Supercharge your Business.

Creating Overwhelming Business Advantages

We devise, support and guild companies through a technological transformation and modernisation pathway to power growth and drive efficiency. We closely collaborate with our clients, maximizing your business insight and domain knowledge, to identify untapped potential, and develop and implement digital transformation strategies for sustainable success. 


Research & Analysis

Conduct research through client engagement, and where appropriate hold focus groups, interviews and ethnographic research ( internally & externally) Collate assessments of the current market landscape and market forecasting from though leaders and other secondary market research. The focus is to deliver valuable actionable information, ensure we are customer- centric , understand the problems , identify competitive opportunities , identify market trends and create strategies to maximise market opportunities.

Ideation & Conception

Our brainstorming and ideation session allow us to carefully examine potential business models , products and services.We identify the most promising models to complement your existing business or to create complimentary markets. We refine these concept working with you team to provide knowledge transfer and buy-in. We co-ordinate with all relevant stakeholders to devise roadmaps for the development and implementation into the market.

Development & Implementation

We support and co-ordinate with the key stakeholders - either building the new product - or introducing new services as per the roadmap.
Where appropriate we can develop and implement comprehensive hiring plans , building engineering teams and making key appointments for eh success of the project.
We support the management and and implementation team providing real-time actionable support and guidance.

The Right Path

Big Picture Thinking Customer Centric high Impact R.O.I. True Partners Lead & Adapt

We address your specific issues within the wider business context and your strategic outcomes. We take the time to understand the key stakeholders, the marketplace and identify pain points and new market opportunities. By understanding your people and resources we can devise a roadmap which creates the highest impact starting points and delivers continous and measurable returns on investment. We work to be seen as part of your team, working hand in hand to ensure goals happen, whilst providing the neccessary tools and knowledge transfer that your team can continue to flourish when the project is complete.

Case studies

HR /Recruitment

Conducted an extensive research project on the use of current practices and technology within Human Resources. This took the form of surveys, focus groups, interviews with a wide range of relevant stakeholders, competitor analysis, market analysis, etc. Collated assessments of the current Human Resources technology landscape, both academic and commercial, from thought leaders in Human Resources technology as well as other secondary market research activities. Led the prototyping of a new recruitment software application and secured blue chip early adopters to test the application. Developed the product and business roadmap, preparing for and securing seed funding. Hired and managed the software engineering team that developed and implemented a functional prototype software application.


Supported all phases of the product lifecycle for the development of a new e-commerce software application, including ideation, prototyping, validation, build and implementation. Led the onside partnership engagement with in San Francisco, overseeing Salesforce systems integration and partnerships with the SalesForce app marketplace as the “go-to-market” channel. Developed and implemented a hiring plan, supporting the recruitment of the software development team and of key executives. 


Led the researching of opportunities in the use of cloud technology within the Automotive industry. Engaged directly with car dealerships, car dealer groups, national car distributorships and vehicle manufacturers, through to working with multiple user groups of prospective car buys. As a result, led the development and management of a small software engineering team that built a cloud based ‘end-to-end’ car configurator and ordering system in order to make the decision making  easier for customers, whilst increasing efficiency and effectiveness for car dealerships.


Successfully led and co-ordinated teams to implement effective, secure and commercialise, standardised operational and reporting processes which were recognised by a National Construction Excellence Award. Developed and implemented fully comprehensive hiring plans, which included appointing key executives. Introduced realtime reporting processes and systems for a 360 degree view of the business.

Talent Acquisition

To ensure continued success with projects upon exit , we have worked closely with clients on technology and Key Executive Recruitment. We develop and execute fully comprehensive hiring plans, analysing requirements to determine target profile needs and secure matches. We manager full cycle recruiting for multiple, complex searched , creating innovative sourcing strategies and engagement to bring the best talent to each role.



Responsible for leading and/or supporting the planning and execution of multiple technology programs/events, principally ‘Tech Saturdays’, a monthly recurring tech event with 2000+ members. Acting as the primary point of contact during the planning and execution of events, we are responsible for the coordination and smooth execution of events from start to finish, including sourcing and coordinating required speakers, sponsors and vendors.