There is an ongoing war out there , success in it can mean the difference between having a market leading company and being an also ran.
So how can you compete with the superpowers of Tech?

What do you do when the developers you are targetting can get offers from the big prestigious Software companies?

Well , for a start , stop trying to compete with them on their terms – the days of armies agreeing a field of battle are long over , when faced with a superior force , change the rules of engagement.
So how can you attract them ?
The key is attraction , you need to make your company , your project and your environment attractive to your current and potential employees.

Understand what employees want!

At TechSorted we don’t use the traditional approach to recruitment , we know the best candidates and spend time understanding what they enjoy working on –  and then find matching projects – tick box recruitment is a huge gamble and even a good candidate who ends up in a project they wont enjoy will end up being a ticking time bomb.

Here are top tips we give companies:-

Understanding the project.

We work with companies so that we have an understanding of the project and the job , what is the company culture ? are they working creating an MVP ? are they writing disposable code?Matching what candidates want with the right type of project makes for a much more productive hire.

Interesting Technology

Good people want to learn , to grow to keep abreast of new technologies. Demonstrating that you will upgrade software so that they keep their skills up to date and can expand on their knowledge is always attractive.

Good work environment 

Ever seen anything like this in an add?

  • Free daily lunch: 3-course meal at Wines & Olives on Wolności street

  • Big comfy chairs (comes in blue or orange)

  • Flexible dev hours
  • Nap times

  • Cookies & beer

Gives an instant picture of the company and sends a clear message about the culture!

( And yes they are still recruiting – so if you have javascript skills and have or want to learn Node JS apps then drop us an email to work in this fantastic company in Wroclaw Poland)


If you are interested in being able to win the talent war and want to work with a company that will ensure you do then  you know where to find us! credit: <a href=””>Israel Defense Forces</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>